Hash Oil Health Warning?


BTO - Butane Hash Oil


 Who knew hash-oil could be so dangerous! A Canadian man blew himself and his house up while trying to make his own.  The great part of the article was that they are blaming the Canadian government for causing it, because they do not provide it!

I love Canada!

In all honesty, making hash that way (BTO) is very dangerous and should not be done indoors.

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Worest spot to hide ever.


No the best hiding place for pot.

If your best idea to smuggle 266 lbs of pot it to take the time to weld it inside of steel beams, then your thinking too hard!

And they got busted. Waste of time, money, and pot.

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McDonalds and Buds....

If your stoned enough to go to McDonald’s you should not drive. A Pa man learned the hard way after crashing into it, and then passing out at the drive-thru window. No surprise police found a small amount of pot in the car. He had to of smoked most of it to be craving for a Big MAc

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Mail Order Pot
Opps, there’s my mail.

  How come the mail man only gives me other people’s junk mail.  Why can’t I have the luck of this Manhattan Dentist? If someone wants to mail me $50,000 worth of pot by mistake, then please email me for my shipping address. I mean the address that you will write down by “mistake”.

  Question: Do you call the cops like he did, or do you call all your friends and have them come over for a party.

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With a twist of lime.


With a twist?

Limes do not hide the smell of 4 tons of pot.

8,000,000 lbs / $6.400,000 = 800 lbs   Thank god this was not in Ohio or some place else.

In just 2 days, along a short section of the Rio Grande, they have seized $13.5 million. Geez, give up aready!

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Shrooms are for eating.




A 17-year-old homeschooled boy was arrested 4 months after his parents caught him with mushrooms that he was smoking.

Okay, first of all. His teachers, parents, failed! They are dumb asses.  You wait 4 months to press charges on your own child? And, your child is so stupid that he does not understand that pot is for smoking and mushrooms are for eating. Oh, come on! I don’t blame the teen, I blame the idiot parents.  You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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Here goes the math again.



2+2 = 7

Once again, the police in, are doing their math again…

188 lbs /$1,000,000 = $5,300 each. Damn, what they sellin’ in Ohio?!?

 Every time you hear about a large bust the numbers are all over the place.  One week it is $2,500 a pound, and the next it is $6,000.  Make up your mind already.

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My Kinda Doctor!

Doctor FeelGood

My new doctor.

A New Jersey doctor proudly admitted to a judge that he has grown pot since 1968 and smokes 30 joints a day.

This guy needs to be my doctor! He needs to move to a more liberal state.

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Buy Your Own Weed!


Take That!

 An Iowa teen learned a valuable lesson. If you borrow $2 to buy weed with he promise to smoke it with the lender. Or, you just maybe get a smackin’!

Kinda a bad deal, huh? $2 dollars for a beat down, he should work for the Unions.

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A Guard What?

American Alligator

Sit! Good Boy!

Hippie Californian pot growers have turned their backs on their peace-loving ways! The are now resorting to using American Alligators to guard their pot grows. Maybe the ‘gator was stoned, it didn’t stop anyone.

I don’t know which is funnier, the watch gators? Or, the $1.5 million dollar value put on the 2,300 plant grow!

Once again let’s do some cop math.

2,300 plants / $1,500,000 = $652.17 per plant.

Wait a minute, what happened to sprouted plant having a street value of $3,000? Oh, wait, California does not feel the need to exaggerate. They have Medical Marijuana. They don’t feel the need to demonize it. Or, maybe those where some crappy little plants.

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