7,000 sq ft = $1 Million Bust

7,000 square foot house with basement grow producing $1 Million

If this room is producing $1,000,000 a year than I want their list of customers!

“Police removed 97 plants, 2,960 grams of marijuana and $7,511 in cash, along with a small amount of cocaine..”

(2,960 grams x $10) + $7,511 + ((97 plants  * .5) * $4,409/lbs) + (X * $100/g)
$29,600 + $7,511 + (48.5 lbs * $4,409/lbs) + (X * $100/g)
$29,600 + $7,511 + $213,836.50 + (X * $100/g)
$250,947.50 + (X * $100/g)
Now let’s assume that “a small amount” is less than a gram.. Okay, we will give it a gram to be fair…
$250,947.50 + $100 = $251,057.50

So, how is it that they estimate $1,000,000.00? $750,000 is an awful big number to guess at…

Okay, what is designer marijuana?
What is a high tech grow?

I have to say this is the most flattering newspaper article I have ever heard after a drug bust.  It seems like these growers really impressed the media with their quality of operation and product.  Seems like these guys need to move to a medical state and do this legally!

Lesson to be learned? Don’t ship pot via mail! And, DON’T EVER SHIP IT TO A GROW HOUSE!!

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2 Responses to 7,000 sq ft = $1 Million Bust

  1. Kyle Knapp says:

    looks like some of those officers are gonna be living scar face lifestyles here pretty quick with that missing 750,000

    • StreetRider says:

      Or, look at it this way. Once again, the police feel the need to hype each bust so that it seems like there is a problem. SO, this family of 4 supported themselves wit a home business. So, what!

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