How Not To Deal Weed!

Okay, let’s count the way this looser got himself busted.

  1. You live in a town named Surprise.
  2. You used your 16-year-old son.
  3. He sold to a 14-year-old.
  4. He did it in a public place.
  5. He handed over the product with no money in hand.
  6. He was too lazy or slow to catch the stoner 14-year-old.
  7. Not his fault, see point number 2!
  8. You beat on the 14-year-old’s door.
  9. You do number 8 longer enough for the police to show up.
  10. You have a gun on you.
  11. You admit that you are there because the 14 year old stole the pot your son was selling.

So, you can see this is not the way to sell pot. If you do this you suck. If you buy from a person like this you suck.

Please don’t suck.

This has been an offical Public Service Message from

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