Let the people’s voices be heard!!

The real face of this issue.

"Hippie" stands up and get's counted"

In, 2004, Montana’s voters said yes to Montana Medical Marijuana Act INITIATIVE NO. 148 and in 2010 they spoke up to defend their rights by voting down House Bill 161.

This time, they made sure their voices were heard. 86 to 25.   Think they were heard this time?   I love the “spin” the loosing side had put on the issue.

“..the huge increase in people obtaining medical marijuana cards — more than 28,000 people now have them..”


“It’s an issue of marijuana.  We’ve opened the floodgate.  It’s like Hurricane Katrina.  We’re not talking about the dikes holding back the water anymore.  We’re talking about how do you rebuild the city.”


“Montana is fast developing the reputation nationally as being the place where people can come and buy their marijuana…”


“There are no scientific studies that prove marijuana has any medicinal value.”

Lies are one of the biggest reasons they never won their war on drugs!

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