Another Reason Meth is Bad.

Boys and girls meth is bad. Need proof? Meet proof…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The sad face of meth use.

Okay, I am not normally one for telling people not to do drugs.  But,  if meth has anything to do with this… Then, I say meth is bad! Very bad! Is it a big surprise this is a mug shot?

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3 Responses to Another Reason Meth is Bad.

  1. Tommy Gunns says:

    This women wasn’t on meth, she decided she like chemotherepy!

  2. Ava James says:

    ugh, these photos are so gross. i live in idaho, and have seen meth project ads on tv, but i always thought they were exaggerating. then yesterday, i watched their new ads online for class credit, and i can’t get them out of my head. seriously, why would anyone want to do meth after seeing the stuff that can happen to you? you guys should check them out, they’re so disturbing.

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