What Did We Say About Bath Salts?!


Bottles of Salts

Pretty Salts

Damn IT! What did we say? Huh? Didn’t you hear us?

Don’t Snort Bath Salts!!!

 A Medina, Ohio man was arrested after seeing 30 invisible ninjas around his house!

 This was most likely MDPV. In small controlled doses, it is a Ritalin like dug. When over done, it causes paranoia and heart issues. Once again, some idiot will get another chemical banned. Freedom of choice means freedom to do stupid things!

 But, as the police stated, there is nothing illegal about it.  And, I say it’s a good thing.  It is Darwinism at it’s finest!  If you are too stupid to do he research to know the dosage than you deserve that you get. 


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