A Guard What?

American Alligator

Sit! Good Boy!

Hippie Californian pot growers have turned their backs on their peace-loving ways! The are now resorting to using American Alligators to guard their pot grows. Maybe the ‘gator was stoned, it didn’t stop anyone.

I don’t know which is funnier, the watch gators? Or, the $1.5 million dollar value put on the 2,300 plant grow!

Once again let’s do some cop math.

2,300 plants / $1,500,000 = $652.17 per plant.

Wait a minute, what happened to sprouted plant having a street value of $3,000? Oh, wait, California does not feel the need to exaggerate. They have Medical Marijuana. They don’t feel the need to demonize it. Or, maybe those where some crappy little plants.

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