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Hash Oil Health Warning?

   Who knew hash-oil could be so dangerous! A Canadian man blew himself and his house up while trying to make his own.  The great part of the article was that they are blaming the Canadian government for causing it, … Continue reading

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Worest spot to hide ever.

If your best idea to smuggle 266 lbs of pot it to take the time to weld it inside of steel beams, then your thinking too hard! And they got busted. Waste of time, money, and pot.

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If your stoned enough to go to McDonald’s you should not drive. A Pa man learned the hard way after crashing into it, and then passing out at the drive-thru window. No surprise police found a small amount of pot in … Continue reading

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Opps, there’s my mail.   How come the mail man only gives me other people’s junk mail.  Why can’t I have the luck of this Manhattan Dentist? If someone wants to mail me $50,000 worth of pot by mistake, then please email me … Continue reading

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