Worest spot to hide ever.


No the best hiding place for pot.

If your best idea to smuggle 266 lbs of pot it to take the time to weld it inside of steel beams, then your thinking too hard!

And they got busted. Waste of time, money, and pot.

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One Response to Worest spot to hide ever.

  1. Tommy Gunns says:

    The world is full of people who feel that they will never be happy as long as they have tthe ability to control what we do on our own time. Never forget it! I believe what we do on our ownn time is NOT their buisness…………LEAVE US ALONe! Its ok. Soon they will realize that alienating their worker is not the way to go. We have always heard the saying live and let live but when is enough enough? We have a fight for our rights. If were told what is right then we have no chance to make the decisions on our own. Please take this as a warning to all other who are under the people who practice this. When you work your forty? Is it the buisness of a institution to determine what is right and wrong. Fight thru my friends. Our rights crumble around us but it is up to us to be strong and press on. May all of you be safe in this endevor

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