Banned But Not Forgotten



Even thou the DEA has banned “fake pot” (Spice,K-2) it is not gone. There are many replacements made with non-banned synthetic THC’s. They will sooner or later get them all. Why? No fun for you!

Why not just unban the real thing and be done with it?

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You know you made it when…..

Charlie Sheen

Charlie, My Man!


  You know you’re the man when they name a strain of Medical Marijuana after you.  And, “Charlie Sheen” is flying of the shelves quicker than they can stock it. No report on if this strain will make you go on T.V. and say stupid crap, thou.

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Way To Go CNBC!


First Class Medical Marijuana

Okay, now we know where CNBC stands on pot. I have to give a shout-out to their special Marijuana: By The Numbers.  It seems like that for a change the mainstream media decided to take the high road and just tell the facts.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the facts.

  1. If  legalized, marijuana would be a $40 billion dollar a year industry.  So , who is making that money now?
  2. 30 million Americans annually consume marijuana. Out of 308.8 million.  Meh.
  3. 14 Medical Marijuana states and De-criminalized in 11 states. Yes, that many.
  4. State with the most arrest for possession: Maryland – 1 per 10,000 residents.
  5. State with the largest amount seized: Texas – 1.25 million pounds – Mexican Brick
  6. State with the highest potential fine: Oklahoma – up to $10,000.
  7. Cheapest states to get busted in: Alaska and Georgia – no fine.
  8. State with the most medical patients: Oregon – almost 10% of their total population at 33k.

 It goes on and on, but you can get the drift. Stopping by their poll shows that most American are ready for Medical Marijuana (60%). But, only 33% favor legalization for personal use.

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Damn the Goats


Damn, the goats!!!

Okay, TIP # 2,183 : Don’t raise goats where you grow your dope!

Oh, and stupid people should not grow.

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1 Strike And Your Out?



 Just so you know….

The 9th Circuit upheld the rights of companies to not hire someone because they failed 1 drug test years earlier. Does one dirty pee make you unemployable?

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The Bomb Made From Bomb Parts?

Bomb Part?

  A small “pipe” found near the Stockholm suicide bombing may have a much less sinister origins.  It appears that the hotlines have been flooded with tips that it is actually a “pollen press“.  It would be a shame if a tool of love became a weapon of war!

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Never Mix Your Buds And Your Buns

Deleivery Boy of The Year!


  This idiot attempted to smuggle pot into a friend of his and failed.  Into Job Corps… Inside a hamburger…. For $80….

Who knew they had that tight of security at Job Corps? And, isn’t Burger King’s motto, “Have it your way!”? Bob’s Buds and Burgers what and idea!!!

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So Sayeth God!

Sign From God



While not religious at all, I would listen if god tried to strike me down with a bolt of lighting!

 A Ohio man was growing 100 plants in his house, no problem, until it was struck by lightning.  The responding firemen discovered the grow and the man was arrested.  On the positive side, no one was hurt during the fire, and he was only given 2 years of probation. 2 years for 100 plants, that’s not bad at all!

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Dumb and Dumber – For Real!

Your Dumb!

Read it Dummy

There is dumb, and then there are these two guys from Vermont. They decided to smoke a joint while sitting in the back seat of the car their friend was in the middle of being arrest for driving!  So, Vermont Highway Patrol arrested them too. Wanna bet they had all already smoke one or two before the cop pulled them over?

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Proof That Pills Are Bad!

Ms. Kings Mug Shot

She said what?

  Only an addiction to prescription pills would cause a 25-year-old lady to utter the historical statement of “just the pills in my vagina“.  How many times have you heard a woman say, “I have a joint in my vagina” ?

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