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Here goes the math again.

  Once again, the police in, are doing their math again… 188 lbs /$1,000,000 = $5,300 each. Damn, what they sellin’ in Ohio?!?  Every time you hear about a large bust the numbers are all over the place.  One week … Continue reading

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What Did We Say About Bath Salts?!

  Damn IT! What did we say? Huh? Didn’t you hear us? Don’t Snort Bath Salts!!!  A Medina, Ohio man was arrested after seeing 30 invisible ninjas around his house!  This was most likely MDPV. In small controlled doses, it … Continue reading

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I should be selling bath salts.

  If an ohio man can turn $9,000 into $1.6 million than that am I doing working for a living? Geez, if you wanna start a company, drop me a note. I understand we could both make enough to retire.

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$3.5 million of “Brick Weed”… I’m Glad!

In Columbus, Ohio the L.E.O. pulled 2,800 POUNDS of what I am sure was some of the best Mexican Brick Weed that money could buy! It’s hard to believe drug gang are killing each other over this crap.

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